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Humidity Calibration
  • We certify hygrothermographs, digital humidity meters, humidity indicators, and transmitters.
  • Humidity meters and indicators with separate probes are calibrated as a system for greatest accuracy.

We offer two humidity calibration certificates. Certificate 17030-10, states the actual test points, instrument readings at test points, and correction values after calibration. Certificate 17030-20 offers the same test data as 17030-10, and also includes instrument readings before and after calibration. Select certificate 17030-20 in critical applications to monitor out of tolerance conditions.

Calibrations are performed in a humidity- and temperature-controlled chamber at 30%, 60%, and 90% humidity; 86°F (30°C). Four probes provide NIST-traceable calibration in the chamber for the instrument under test. These probes monitor humidity and temperature uniformity to ensure readings at stable conditions. Our chamber calibrates hygrothermographs, digital humidity meters, and humidity indicators. For NIST-traceable calibration, your probe and instrument must be returned or ordered together.

Humidity calibration to NIST-traceable standards with test data supplied.
Part number: KG-17030-10

Humidity calibration to NIST-traceable standards with test data supplied before and after calibration.
Part number: KG-17030-20

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