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Cleaning/Sanitizing Systems

Cleaning Out of Place (COP)

A COP system requires workers to take equipment apart or move it from the production area to the cleaning area. In most instances this involves the use of a recirculating-parts washer, called a COP unit, which recirculates the cleaning solution and rinse water via distribution heads that agitate the cleaning solution.

The major benefit of a COP system is it can clean a variety of items: parts of equipment, small appliances, and utensils. The system also uses less labor and is more hygienic than washing by hand, and is relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain.

Cleaning In Place (CIP)

A CIP system is one in which equipment is cleaned via a built-in—often custom-designed—cleaning system that combines the benefits of the chemical activity of the cleaning compounds with the physical effects of sprays, flowing fluids, and brushes.

In food processing, CIP equipment is best used for cleaning pipelines, vats, heat exchangers, centrifuges, and homogenizers used to process liquids. Most systems are automated/ computer-controlled.

Typical Cycle for a CIP System
1. Preliminary rinse (hot or cold water); removes most soil
2. Detergent wash; removes remaining soil
3. Rinse; removes cleaning compounds
4. Sanitize; destroys microorganisms
5. Final rinse (optional, depends upon upon sanitizer used); removes CIP solutions and sanitizers


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