The Why Files:
The best of .com Pop-Sci

The Why Files ( has to be one of the best Pop-Sci Web sites on the Net. Using news and current events as a springboard, the editors of this site present and explain often complex scientific issues in a uniquely accessible format understandable to all.

Interrested in the genetic manipulation responsible for a newly developed chicken that has three drumsticks and one wing? The Why Files has it covered. In the Biology section you’ll find pieces on controlling the human biological clock, on cloning, forensic science and Mad Cow disease. Their Environmental Science section covers everything from gasoline-eating microbes to renewable energy sources and the dynamics of world population growth. Subjects in the Health section run from new AIDS drugs to hormone-treated beef, the wonders of spices and the safety of irradiated foodstuffs. And there’s so much more!

E-published in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin, The Why Files is a paradigm of accuracy. Each feature article is fact-checked by an authority in the specific discipline being addressed, and his or her name is then listed in the electronic bibliography—something all but unheard of on the Internet!

So the next time you’re looking for some entertaining but informative reading on scientific subjects of importance to us all, log on the The Why Files. Find out why it is the one site everyone in the know is talking about!

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