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Subject: Electronic Catalog Access
Dear FTS Forum Editor:
Comment: Regarding the Hot Product column from FTS Forum #5: Do you really offer a refractometer for only $995?!! If so, is there a phone number I can call for ordering? Who manufactures it?
Your Hot Product spot forgot a couple of details...
Mike O.
Danisco Sweetener

[Until recently you could only order the product featured in our Hot Product column by calling Cole-Parmer at 800-323-4340. However, we recently established a link to the Cole-Parmer online ordering site, and by clicking on the link placed at the bottom of each Hot Product page, you can now go directly to the online catalog page that contains ordering information for that month’s featured product. We hope this makes your online ordering experience easier!—ed.]

[Note: All letters and/or e-mails addressed to FTS Forum Editor are assumed intended for publication in FTS Forum. Publisher reserves the right to edit letters for clarification or length prior to publication.]

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