Cartoon “Tern of the Century” by Nick D. Kim, Ph.D. Take a look at Nick’s home page.


We Don’t Even Want to Hear this Guy’s Cure for the Common Cold!
According to Bartender magazine publisher Ray Foley, a noted author on mixology, one lesser known but reportedly effective antidote for a New Year’s Eve hangover is to rub half a lemon under each armpit. Foley doesn’t say whether to apply the lemon before or after you’ve had too much to drink. Our guess: the latter.

High Octane Hazelnuts
From the “For What It’s Worth” file...The latest issue of New Scientist magazine claims that fuel cell-powered cars of the future could be powered by hazelnuts! According to New Scientist, University of Newcastle professor Murat Dogru, who is studying ash from burned hazelnut shells to see if any useful gases could be extracted, discovered that hydrogen—which is used to generate an electric current for electric and dual electro-gas motors—makes up 15 percent of the waste’s combustion gases. This means, says Dogru, that Turkey, the world’s largest producer of hazelnuts, could produce enough hazelnut shells in one year to power 1000 hydrogen-fueled BMWs 32,500 kilometers (20,190 miles).

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