The Amazing French Fry Vending Machine!

A french fry vending machine?!! Ore-Ida (“French Fry Vendor”) tried it. KRh Thermal Systems (“Hot Choice”) produced and placed 300 similar machines before giving up on the idea three years ago. It wasn’t until the folks at Tasty Fries, Inc., entered the picture that someone finally got the thing right.

The Tasty Fries vending machine—soon to appear in school cafeterias, train stations, malls and movie theaters (etc.) nationwide—is reportedly the first multipatented, robotic vending machine to prepare, cook and dispense 32 hot, crispy french fries cooked in cholesterol-free oil without refrigeration and without the excessive smoke and unsanitary conditions that plagued previous attempts.

The secret is Tasty Fries’ use of dehydrated potatoes, which the machine rehydrates, shapes, cooks and dispenses in the remarkably short span of 90 seconds—a process which reportedly took the New Hampshire-based company six years and $5 million to perfect.

For a detailed look at the robotic process used by this innovative new vending machine, link up to the Tasty Fries web site at:

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